you look fucking stupid in a dress, DUDE




come closer one second


little closer


okay close enough


i have a simple question: which of us is wearing a crown?


that would be me.


do you know what this crown means?


it means i look fucking cute


and you’re the human embodiment of a sore butt


now as your fucking queen, i royally declare


that i am beautiful and you are a listerine enema

Listerine enema oh my god

ARTHUR: Someone knew I was in trouble and sent a light to guide the way. Whoever it was, I’m only here because of them.





"There is always hope, I think, in Merlin’s eyes, despite what fate may imply and what destiny is supposed to be. But… There’s always hope. And you can always change things if things mean so much to you or friends mean so much to you, or you’ve got so much, whatever, love in your…


Love actually makes you do a lot of strange things. Like blow up a sidhe. And pick a rare flower in a monster-infested cave. And drink a cup of poison. And offer your life to a mental priestess. And… *goes on forever*

I got nothin’ if I ain’t got Santa Fe

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From when I saw this pumpkin in Mormon last week.


I really really like this clip because it’s rehearsals and everyone is so excited to be coming to Broadway.

It makes me forget about what happened Sunday.


it’s funny bc people think broadway is this elite community of people who spend their time doing regal things but we all know it’s just a bunch of dorks who can sing


talk to me about crutchie for a minute here

talk to about a crutchie who never ever complains, who bottles up his emotions or pushes them to the side because while he knows he can’t hold onto them sometimes it happens anyway and while the rest of his friends have small outbursts he pushes through without saying a word, emotional buildup getting worse as time goes on but he feels like he can’t afford it and it’s not worth it

talk to me about a crutchie who puts others before himself no matter what the case is, crutchie who thinks some people are worth the world and whose actions are selfless despite the high costs 

talk to me about a crutchie who learned self-preservation was top of the list because it’s a dog eat dog world out there and he’s at a disadvantage, and then a crutchie who taught himself that people are not inherently dangerous or bad and who finally came to the belief that people as a whole are good and a few bad run ins shouldn’t make him write off everyone like he was prepared to

talk to me about a crutchie who is too proud to let anyone see him injured, or even weak, too afraid to let anyone think he could even possibly be less than on the top of his game all the time, crutchie who won’t admit when he’s sick or injured because he knows he needs to be out selling every day

talk to me about a crutchie who one night just bursts and no one knows what triggered it but suddenly he’s shaking and years of stress and worry and fear that will never really disappear come pouring out because as much as he’d like to walk the streets without watching his back he can’t, because no matter where he goes or what he does there’s always going to be someone who thinks it’s funny to kick his crutch out from under him, because for him there’s always going to be more snyders, more delancys and it’s not fair

talk to me about a crutchie who after this outburst tries to apologize and backtrack and his friends who tell him it’s okay, and who realize that they’ll never really get it because they can only imagine what it’s like being in crutchie’s shoes. 

talk to me about a crutchie who despite this, who despite every opportunity to retreat into himself and become cynical, still manages to see the good in the world over the bad, who knows that for every snyder there’ll be a jack, and for every day that pulls him down there’ll be a day that feels like the first sun after a long winter

talk to me about crutchie morris 


why would you even

band camp ‘14: walking around the lake on a hidden trail